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viva-la-cumberbatch May I ask what tool you use while drawing on sai and the settings?

Oh I don’t use anything facy just the normal ink pen tool and the water tool ye.

I think those are default I may have downloaded them somewhere but they are pretty defaulty? nothing special~

Anonymous Starbucks anon here. Sometimes I forget I'm OLD. I'm sorry! -.- *remembers a time where there was no tags at all* *sighs* LOL

LOLOL YA. I prefer the Starbucks name too but ya tagging D=

Anonymous that's literally what we call it since years... Starbucks. I don't know why it's suddenly called stucky.

It’s called Stucky cuz you can’t use the Starbucks tag because if you do people won’t find the artworks and posts they’ll be looking at Instagram pics of coffee

You smell that?
Smells like a new ship.
Smells like.. Starbucks

Anonymous *hugs you* hail hydra


One day Mrs. Holmes finds herself with an armful of sulking Sherlock, who rambles on to her about the new boy at school and confesses about his crush on him. She found it sweet, and she was curious about this John Watson kid who’s managed to catch her son’s interest.
Fast forward many years later and Mrs.Holmes is recalling this distant memory as she watches on proudly and happily as one Sherlock Holmes and one John Watson exchange their vows and bind themselves together for life.

Once upon a time Sherlock Holmes was walking down a street with all his swag and then suddenly he tripped on nothing and accidentally grabbed John Watson’s crotch the end.

Sherlock AU where the holmes are the royal family and Sherlock’s expected to marry soon. The world thinks that he’s dating Molly who is a princess and think that they will marry but in reality they are only good friends. One day he’s in Afghanistan doing his bit in boosting the soldiers’ morale as part of his royal duties he meets and is impressed with John Watson. They fall in love, and though marrying a commoner is no longer a problem in this modern age John’s gender would cause a scandal. And the story is about how they overcome every obstacle to be together.
And probably Sherlock’s immediate family approve of the relationship but everyone else around them that deal with the publicity of the family and everything else don’t approve and I dunno I’m rambling

Anonymous What do you do if you see someone reposting something? Especially when it's not just one thing but a lot of things from a lot of different artists. Do you tell the artists, talk to the person, report them? And how does one go about that?

You won’t be able to report the blog or posts yourself cuz tumblr staff doesn’t take it off unless it’s your own stuff, so alerting the original artists is the best way.


Do not repost my shit.

Do not repost my shit.

Do not repost my shit.




Benedict Cumberbatch in historic clothing is my weakness.

as is mine, so I am torturing myself by watching Parade’s End, again… bring out the tissues!!!

12 years a slave is a serious and amazing film but I can’t help but to point out Benedict tho


I mean





Benedict Cumberbatch in historic clothing is my weakness.



Crossinglock Diary 1 - Tour of London! (My town)

My first Animal Crossing vid! I might make more. I’m planning to do dream suite adventures using my Sherlock character =) 

… This was poorly planned I was just trying it out. Heh.

Pssstt peeps check out my new vid ;]

If I made Dream Suite Adventure videos using Sherlock…


Would anyone be interested in watching them? Travelling new towns and such, unraveling mysteries…. hrm.